We’re building the most innovative and admired real estate platform in the world

Who We Are

Reimagining Real Estate with a Vision

Our investments and ventures are tech-forward, sustainable, and serve as economic and creative engines for their communities.


We Are Committed to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We relentlessly pursue innovation. By empowering our talented team, we promote entrepreneurship and new ideas to bring our ambitions to life.

Hospitality is in our DNA

With us, hospitality comes first. With an eye for tech and a human touch, we provide seamless service that anticipates needs and enhances lives.


Operating Capabilities

Bridgeton believes that no one takes better care of an asset than its owner. Bridgeton leverages its in-house operating companies to create value at the asset-level.


Our Values

Who we are

People First

Seeing people as people

Who we are


Creating “the new” to solve for today's demand

Who we are

Experience Driven

Raising the bar for customer and guest experiences

Who we are

Value Obsessed

Having an owner mindset and leaving no stone unturned


NEW YORK, NY 10001

Who we are